Tania (Pre-school manager)

During lockdown I decided to bite the bullet and start my journey as a forest school leader. I started working my way through the 61 unit online portfolio. At times I questioned myself as to why I would take on this amount of work, but then I was added to the Facebook group where all like minded learners were having the same feelings as me. (Lock down lows 😊)

Once I had completed unit 1 and fully understood the concept and ethos of forest school I really began my journey.

Fast forward a few months and I am now nearing the end of the online portfolio with approximately 9 units left which are all practical video assessments, I am excited to get to September and start our forest school at CSG preschool playgroup.

Once I have completed the first 6 sessions and evaluated them I should be ready for completion. So I am aiming  to be a qualified level 3 forest school leader by January if all goes to plan.  

I have put my theory learnings into practice whilst revamping our preschool garden and I am so excited to open this is September for the children to have a world of opportunities to learn and have fun.

In the meantime, we will have the lovely Melanie from Forest Tribe Friends planning and running forest school sessions for the next term.

See you all in September! 😊

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