The children have had an amazing week; we have been on a daily bear hunt.  Repeating the same story all week engages children and encourages them to learn how a story is set out. It encourages them to anticipate how the story may end and engages them in completing sentences when I stop!

We have had the bikes out, we sailed the green sea in search of spaghetti worms! We have sung many, many songs whilst washing our hands. We have had cuddles of happiness welcoming back our pre-schoolers, and cuddles of insecurity from our new children.
ALL of the children have adapted and settled exceptionally well and I am so proud of all of the parents too!

Next week we will be reading “The very hungry caterpillar”
I will be finalising the list for keyworkers, so please do look out for and introduction from the staff.  Our theme next week will be ‘All about me’ we will have discussions, activities and play games which will help us get to know each other more. Please send in family pictures so that we can use them for a special activity, a huge family collage! After all we are now one big happy CSG family!

I hope all of the children enjoy the rest of their week and we hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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