Firstly we would like to wish all of our families and the local community a very Happy Easter.

It is CSG Playgroup tradition to hold our annual Easter Egg hunt which normally involves lots of families wandering around the village, collecting eggs from the Easter bunny and enjoying hot cross buns and refreshments all together at the cricket club. Unfortunately COVID is still spoiling our fun, but we are determined to ensure the village enjoys a hunt which not only raises money for the playgroup but allows the children to have some COVID safe Easter fun.

Below you will find an activity pack which includes a map, colouring page, masks, fun activities to try at home and an at home treasure hunt.

We are asking that once you have downloaded the pack that you kindly donate £5 to playgroup via our GoFundMe page https://gofund.me/1b497fe0

Everyone who donates will be entered into our Easter draw to win a lovely prize donated by The Deli.

You can also send us completed maps/colouring pages via FACEBOOK for extra entries.

We thank you as always for supporting the village pre school playgroup and we hope that we can all be together soon.




Why is forest school so beneficial?

Forest School is all about getting out there and children exploring their outside environment, in their own way. 

We have activities which include making dens, exploring and learning about different environments with bug hunting and identification – where can they find bugs and why are they in that area, recognising and identifying different trees from clues of bark, leaf shape, nuts & fruits. Exploring the area, taking ownership of their space and returning each week to their ‘rocket’ under the trees with the bouncy branch, or their ‘motorbike’ a log at the top of a slope which they can sit on with a friends, to see the whole of the Dell area.

 ‘Small achievable tasks’

The children are free to challenge themselves, getting up a slope using the ropes, showing perseverance by keep having a go, until the sense of achievement when they get to the top. There is risk taking, children are great a managing their own risks.

Activities: What do the children do?

We paint the trees with mud, make a potion in the mud kitchen, and make a den of sticks for a cuddly toy. We use bug kits to find worms, woodlouse and lots of bugs. We often use books to guide a session.  The hungry caterpillar, Gruffalo, the 3 little pigs are 3 we have used this half term.


Over the last half term we have also been working towards our Ladybird award, a programme which sets ‘small achievable tasks’ to.  As there were lots of new children to forest school Ladybird award included – teaching the forest school rules.  Ladybird award also includes balancing and moving around the area, identifying a mini beast, collecting and showing woodland treasures.  

Other activities we have been doing this half term are, fire management – using a striker to get a spark to light a fire, using a Kelly kettle to boil water to make hot chocolate, and playing leaf snap!

We will be continuing with the award scheme, these awards are to help children to develop forest school skills and show recognition of these achievements, with a colourful certificate. There are   different awards, which take into account, the differing levels of experience, children can work their way through them at their own pace.

The whole experience

Forest school is a holistic experience – the sounds of trees, the red kites above, smells of the fire & popcorn cooking, feeling the uneven ground under foot or the mud on your hands from scrambling up banks or from mud kitchen.  

For children’s physical development, what’s better than a natural playground with climbing to strengthen muscles, balancing for core strength, carrying, commando crawling under rope nets, fine motor skills picking up bugs carefully – to name just a few.

So when you see a photo of your child from forest school, looking at a worm or at the top of a slope, I hope you will appreciate the amazing learning which has gone on, before we capture that moment of magic in a photo.

If you would like more information about Forest School and Woodland Warriors – please get in touch.


For those of you who are isolating or have decided not to return to pre school during lockdown here are some materials and ideas to help you this week. Our home learning theme is winter.

You will find lots of free resources to print on Twinkl for ages 3-5. https://www.twinkl.co.uk/home-learning-hub

Here you’ll find a set of free activities for you and your child, updated daily and designed to make each day of the week as easy as possible during a school lockdown. Expect home learning activities, crafts, weekend fun, games, parenting blogs and much more. We also host great content from our partners, including Joe Wicks, Peppa Pig and many others!Everything you need for the next day’s learning and fun will be listed the day before, giving you enough time to get prepped and set up. If you’re looking for fun games to entertain your child, extra learning based activities, or just a way of adding a bit of routine into your day – you’ll find it here, and it’s entirely free.

Play a listening game ‘snowman says’, where the leader is a snowman and gives

instructions such as “Snowman says, touch your buttons.” “Snowman says, touch

your carrot nose.” “Snowman says clap your mittens.”


some Salt Dough with the children and use it to create some

snowman models. Provide paint or small decorations for the children to decorate

their snowman model. (https://www.yummytoddlerfood.com/activities/the-best-salt-dough-ornaments/)

A winter themed small world will help to encourage lots of imaginative

play. Use existing resources such as playgrounds, or even dinosaurs, and give

them a wintery makeover using fake snow, desiccated coconut or simply a white

fabric base.

January 2021 Lockdown Q&A

Dear Parents

Following on from last night’s announcement from the government here are some  answers to your questions and our contingency plan is also attached. You MUST email Tania by 3pm on Wednesday 5th January  to confirm if you want your child to attend their regular sessions or not?

Please be advised that we will be reviewing the situation weekly and we will be taking advice from the government and Buckinghamshire County Council.

Is playgroup open?

YES, we are open.  The early years sector remains open to all.

Can you still accept 22 children per day?

Unfortunately, we are unable to have 22 a day, due to staffing.  We are open every day for 16 children.  Priority spaces will go to children who have both parents as critical workers.

If  your child  can’t be accommodated for their normal space they will get their spring invoice credited for next term

What happens if I don’t want my child to return until after lockdown?

This is your choice as a parent and you have two options.

1.      Pay 50% of your fees which will ensure your child has a place following lockdown. As Spring term invoices have already been paid we will hold the remaining 50% on account for you and deduct this from your next invoice.

2.      Withdraw your child completely and re-enrol after lockdown (no payment will be taken/a refund will be provided) We cannot guarantee your child’s days or space upon returning.

What if my child attends CSG nursery?

Again you have a number of options depending on availability.

1.      Drop off at 12pm (there is no pick up service on offer).  Your child can attend their usual hours.

2.      If you wish to increase and pay for additional hours then please email csg_playgroup@btinternet.com .  Please be advised critical worker children will take priority.  Funding will not be available for these extra hours.

3.      No longer attend and pay 50% of your fees which will ensure your child has a place following lockdown. As Spring term invoices have already been paid we will hold the remaining 50% on account for you and deduct this from your next invoice.

4.      Withdraw your child completely and re-enrol after lockdown (no payment will be taken/a refund will be provided) However, we  cannot guarantee your child’s days or space.

What happens to the money I paid for the pick-up service?

This will be credited for next term.

What happens if I need more sessions?

From Thursday we will be clear on who is attending and what space we have.  We will the send out correspondence and ask parents if they require any extra hours.  Once again, critical workers will take priority.

We thank you once again for your understanding during this very challenging time.  We remain positive and focus on the safety and well being of all the children.



Tuesday 8th December 1:30-2:30

Dear Parents,

As you will of course be aware Christmas activities at pre-school will be slightly different this year.  We will be unable to invite parents into the setting to watch our show and celebrate with the children, and we won’t be able to attend the village Christmas light switch on.  However, we are not letting the restrictions spoil the fun for all of the children or stop our fundraising efforts.

This year we will be hosting an exciting Christmas extravaganza for all the children on Tuesday 8th December 1:30-2:30pm.  If your child attends on a Tuesday then you will continue as normal.  Those who don’t usually attend will need to drop off at 1:30 and collect at 2:30pm. All children are welcome including those from nursery, however we do ask that children are dropped off at 1:30pm.

The Christmas extravaganza is an opportunity for lots of Christmas fun including the nativity, meeting Santa and party games.  Please see the attached flyer for full details.

Please place all returned slips in an envelope and make payment via BACs.  All funds raised will be used towards ongoing projects and improvements for your children.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Tania and the pre-school staff