Its the start of our Halloween fundraising this week (19th October)


We will be having fancy dress option every day with a donation (suggested £1) for each day you scare us with your costumes!


We will also be doing a cake sale, when you drop off your child a raffle ticket will be given upon receipt of your donation and when your child is collected at the end of their session they will be given their cake in a sealed bag. We are also providing our families and the local community with some spooky fun during half term. 

Please visit the fundraising section of the website to download the Halloween trail map.  You will find spooky letters around the village throughout half term.  This is a free event however we would appreciate donations via PayPal. 

Behind the scenes of CSG Pre-school Playgroup!

When I joined the committee for playgroup in January, one of my reasons was that I wanted
to get more of an insight into all of the activities and ideas going on behind the scenes. So I
thought I’d share a little of that with you – what’s been going on recently?

Most of the work of the trustees this year has focused on the following:

 Fundraising – this has been particularly difficult this year since being in lockdown to
varying degrees. We’ve had to get inventive with home-based Easter hunts,
Halloween trails and online fundraising opportunities and we are always so grateful
to everyone who is able to support us so we can continue with my next point…

 Making sure we have all the resources we need to help the children have lots of fun
and develop their skills. Decisions had to be made about moving sheds, buying new
fences and ordering outdoor equipment.

 Getting a great team of staff in the setting and making sure they’re supported. I had
the pleasure of interviewing Chantelle in July and welcoming her to the team and I
keep in touch with all the staff to check they’re all doing well.

 Working with our Playgroup manager, Tania, and our admin team, Hayley and Sarah,
to check that everything is running smoothly.

We discuss all of these things mostly via email or WhatsApp, and we meet quarterly to
make any further decisions. It’s always an interesting and rewarding role.

Next on our committee to-do list is holding our annual meeting at 8pm on 21st October, via
a Zoom call this year, of course! It is always a great way to reflect on the year and to get all
the parents, staff and trustees together to put some faces to names. As a playgroup parent,
I found it really interesting to hear a quick summary of all the fundraising efforts and where
the money had been spent.

We hope all parents can join us on 21st – we really need help of our parents on this one
occasion each year as we can’t keep operating without enough people attending. So grab a
cuppa and sit down with us on Zoom for 15 mins or so and enjoy your own opportunity to
see behind the scenes at your child’s wonderful community playgroup.

Lindsay Turner – Chair of Trustees

Halloween Fundraiser

You can now download your Halloween trail map to use over half term. Use the map and clues to find the letters around the village. You could even reward your children with a treat at the end.

This is a free activity however, we are asking for donations via PayPal. We are raising funds to buy new numeracy and literacy resources. So if you enjoy the trail please donate a small amount to say thank you to the playgroup team and trustees for their hard work.

PayPal link and QR code

Copy this link for your PDF map



Halloween is obviously going to be a little different this year with COVID restrictions. However, here at CSG Pre School Playgroup we don’t let that stop us having fun. We have planned a Halloween trail around the village, a bake sale, fancy dress as well as other activities for the local community to enjoy. Look out for our trail clues and activity pack which will be launched soon. Half term will be full of spooky fun with the help of your local charity pre-school.