The Pirate Ship

As part of the Co-op community fund garden project we now have this amazing pirate ship! The children have really enjoyed playing on it this week. We have had lots of role play and adventures in the deep blue seas.

This is a fantastic addition to the garden area and one that the children of CSG Pre School playgroup will hopefully enjoy for many years.

Here is a list of the key benefits of role play in Early Years.

Develops communication and language skills,

Allows children to act out and make sense of real-life situations,

Allows children to explore, investigate and experiment,

Develops social skills as children, collaborate with others,

Encourages children to empathise: by taking on the role of character teaches children an understanding of different perspectives,

Helps children learn about different cultures,

Encourages children to express their ideas and feelings in a relaxed environment,

Develops children’s awareness of themselves and others,

Gets children learning more as learning is disguised as play,

Sparks creativity and imagination.

Our first full week

The children have had an amazing week; we have been on a daily bear hunt.  Repeating the same story all week engages children and encourages them to learn how a story is set out. It encourages them to anticipate how the story may end and engages them in completing sentences when I stop!

We have had the bikes out, we sailed the green sea in search of spaghetti worms! We have sung many, many songs whilst washing our hands. We have had cuddles of happiness welcoming back our pre-schoolers, and cuddles of insecurity from our new children.
ALL of the children have adapted and settled exceptionally well and I am so proud of all of the parents too!

Next week we will be reading “The very hungry caterpillar”
I will be finalising the list for keyworkers, so please do look out for and introduction from the staff.  Our theme next week will be ‘All about me’ we will have discussions, activities and play games which will help us get to know each other more. Please send in family pictures so that we can use them for a special activity, a huge family collage! After all we are now one big happy CSG family!

I hope all of the children enjoy the rest of their week and we hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Co-op Community Fund – Garden Project

Back in November 2019 we were lucky enough to receive a percentage of Co-ops community fund to spend on our outdoor learning space. Local shoppers in CSG and CSP chose to donate their co-op membership money to us at CSG Pre School Playgroup which has meant that the garden area has had a total make over.

The children now have a larger space to play and learn in, with some lovely new equipment. The area is now safe for children and staff to access and we are now able to enjoy the space all year round.


Over the summer Tania and her team of volunteers (her lovely family) transformed the garden area for the children. There was a lot of sweat in the summer sun, and a lot of man power used to move sheds and play houses, but it was all worth it to see the space being used by the children on their first day back in September.



I am sure you will agree the space now looks fantastic and there are still some finishing touches and new equipment to arrive. We now have the water wall, music wall and tool station accessible to the children. This equipment was actually purchased a couple of years ago with the Tesco funds and unfortunately couldn’t be used safely in the old garden, now the children can have hours of fun using the equipment made by Outdoor EYFS We now have a fully functioning step which gives the children safer access to the cabin. The floor is now covered with artificial lawn and bark making it nice underfoot for the children, as well as safer when children have those inevitable falls. The children are also enjoying using the mud kitchen again and they will be using the new sandpit again soon. The fence has also been replaced, making the playground area safer for all of the children and those using the cricket pavillion.

The team are really pleased with the result and again we would like to thank Tania for her hard work over the summer.

We will be posting more images throughout this week to show you the garden area being used by all of our children as they return and of course we will show you our new and exciting piece of equipment when it arrives.

My Forest School Journey

Tania (Pre-school manager)

During lockdown I decided to bite the bullet and start my journey as a forest school leader. I started working my way through the 61 unit online portfolio. At times I questioned myself as to why I would take on this amount of work, but then I was added to the Facebook group where all like minded learners were having the same feelings as me. (Lock down lows 😊)

Once I had completed unit 1 and fully understood the concept and ethos of forest school I really began my journey.

Fast forward a few months and I am now nearing the end of the online portfolio with approximately 9 units left which are all practical video assessments, I am excited to get to September and start our forest school at CSG preschool playgroup.

Once I have completed the first 6 sessions and evaluated them I should be ready for completion. So I am aiming  to be a qualified level 3 forest school leader by January if all goes to plan.  

I have put my theory learnings into practice whilst revamping our preschool garden and I am so excited to open this is September for the children to have a world of opportunities to learn and have fun.

In the meantime, we will have the lovely Melanie from Forest Tribe Friends planning and running forest school sessions for the next term.

See you all in September! 😊