For those of you who are isolating or have decided not to return to pre school during lockdown here are some materials and ideas to help you this week. Our home learning theme is winter.

You will find lots of free resources to print on Twinkl for ages 3-5.

Here you’ll find a set of free activities for you and your child, updated daily and designed to make each day of the week as easy as possible during a school lockdown. Expect home learning activities, crafts, weekend fun, games, parenting blogs and much more. We also host great content from our partners, including Joe Wicks, Peppa Pig and many others!Everything you need for the next day’s learning and fun will be listed the day before, giving you enough time to get prepped and set up. If you’re looking for fun games to entertain your child, extra learning based activities, or just a way of adding a bit of routine into your day – you’ll find it here, and it’s entirely free.

Play a listening game ‘snowman says’, where the leader is a snowman and gives

instructions such as “Snowman says, touch your buttons.” “Snowman says, touch

your carrot nose.” “Snowman says clap your mittens.”


some Salt Dough with the children and use it to create some

snowman models. Provide paint or small decorations for the children to decorate

their snowman model. (

A winter themed small world will help to encourage lots of imaginative

play. Use existing resources such as playgrounds, or even dinosaurs, and give

them a wintery makeover using fake snow, desiccated coconut or simply a white

fabric base.

January 2021 Lockdown Q&A

Dear Parents

Following on from last night’s announcement from the government here are some  answers to your questions and our contingency plan is also attached. You MUST email Tania by 3pm on Wednesday 5th January  to confirm if you want your child to attend their regular sessions or not?

Please be advised that we will be reviewing the situation weekly and we will be taking advice from the government and Buckinghamshire County Council.

Is playgroup open?

YES, we are open.  The early years sector remains open to all.

Can you still accept 22 children per day?

Unfortunately, we are unable to have 22 a day, due to staffing.  We are open every day for 16 children.  Priority spaces will go to children who have both parents as critical workers.

If  your child  can’t be accommodated for their normal space they will get their spring invoice credited for next term

What happens if I don’t want my child to return until after lockdown?

This is your choice as a parent and you have two options.

1.      Pay 50% of your fees which will ensure your child has a place following lockdown. As Spring term invoices have already been paid we will hold the remaining 50% on account for you and deduct this from your next invoice.

2.      Withdraw your child completely and re-enrol after lockdown (no payment will be taken/a refund will be provided) We cannot guarantee your child’s days or space upon returning.

What if my child attends CSG nursery?

Again you have a number of options depending on availability.

1.      Drop off at 12pm (there is no pick up service on offer).  Your child can attend their usual hours.

2.      If you wish to increase and pay for additional hours then please email .  Please be advised critical worker children will take priority.  Funding will not be available for these extra hours.

3.      No longer attend and pay 50% of your fees which will ensure your child has a place following lockdown. As Spring term invoices have already been paid we will hold the remaining 50% on account for you and deduct this from your next invoice.

4.      Withdraw your child completely and re-enrol after lockdown (no payment will be taken/a refund will be provided) However, we  cannot guarantee your child’s days or space.

What happens to the money I paid for the pick-up service?

This will be credited for next term.

What happens if I need more sessions?

From Thursday we will be clear on who is attending and what space we have.  We will the send out correspondence and ask parents if they require any extra hours.  Once again, critical workers will take priority.

We thank you once again for your understanding during this very challenging time.  We remain positive and focus on the safety and well being of all the children.



Tuesday 8th December 1:30-2:30

Dear Parents,

As you will of course be aware Christmas activities at pre-school will be slightly different this year.  We will be unable to invite parents into the setting to watch our show and celebrate with the children, and we won’t be able to attend the village Christmas light switch on.  However, we are not letting the restrictions spoil the fun for all of the children or stop our fundraising efforts.

This year we will be hosting an exciting Christmas extravaganza for all the children on Tuesday 8th December 1:30-2:30pm.  If your child attends on a Tuesday then you will continue as normal.  Those who don’t usually attend will need to drop off at 1:30 and collect at 2:30pm. All children are welcome including those from nursery, however we do ask that children are dropped off at 1:30pm.

The Christmas extravaganza is an opportunity for lots of Christmas fun including the nativity, meeting Santa and party games.  Please see the attached flyer for full details.

Please place all returned slips in an envelope and make payment via BACs.  All funds raised will be used towards ongoing projects and improvements for your children.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Tania and the pre-school staff


Its the start of our Halloween fundraising this week (19th October)


We will be having fancy dress option every day with a donation (suggested £1) for each day you scare us with your costumes!


We will also be doing a cake sale, when you drop off your child a raffle ticket will be given upon receipt of your donation and when your child is collected at the end of their session they will be given their cake in a sealed bag. We are also providing our families and the local community with some spooky fun during half term. 

Please visit the fundraising section of the website to download the Halloween trail map.  You will find spooky letters around the village throughout half term.  This is a free event however we would appreciate donations via PayPal. 

Behind the scenes of CSG Pre-school Playgroup!

When I joined the committee for playgroup in January, one of my reasons was that I wanted
to get more of an insight into all of the activities and ideas going on behind the scenes. So I
thought I’d share a little of that with you – what’s been going on recently?

Most of the work of the trustees this year has focused on the following:

 Fundraising – this has been particularly difficult this year since being in lockdown to
varying degrees. We’ve had to get inventive with home-based Easter hunts,
Halloween trails and online fundraising opportunities and we are always so grateful
to everyone who is able to support us so we can continue with my next point…

 Making sure we have all the resources we need to help the children have lots of fun
and develop their skills. Decisions had to be made about moving sheds, buying new
fences and ordering outdoor equipment.

 Getting a great team of staff in the setting and making sure they’re supported. I had
the pleasure of interviewing Chantelle in July and welcoming her to the team and I
keep in touch with all the staff to check they’re all doing well.

 Working with our Playgroup manager, Tania, and our admin team, Hayley and Sarah,
to check that everything is running smoothly.

We discuss all of these things mostly via email or WhatsApp, and we meet quarterly to
make any further decisions. It’s always an interesting and rewarding role.

Next on our committee to-do list is holding our annual meeting at 8pm on 21st October, via
a Zoom call this year, of course! It is always a great way to reflect on the year and to get all
the parents, staff and trustees together to put some faces to names. As a playgroup parent,
I found it really interesting to hear a quick summary of all the fundraising efforts and where
the money had been spent.

We hope all parents can join us on 21st – we really need help of our parents on this one
occasion each year as we can’t keep operating without enough people attending. So grab a
cuppa and sit down with us on Zoom for 15 mins or so and enjoy your own opportunity to
see behind the scenes at your child’s wonderful community playgroup.

Lindsay Turner – Chair of Trustees