We understand how difficult it can be for parents to choose the right childcare for their children. Our role is to support you and your child, and we hope our website provides insight into our ethos and early years vision. The team would welcome meeting with you to enable you to see our fantastic setting and to get to know the staff – please do get in touch with us to do this.

  • Our Welcome Pack (above)  contains a wealth of information to support you and your child
  • To obtain a hard copy, rather than electronic, please get in touch.
  • Prior to joining, you will be offered a stay and play session, which will be another opportunity to meet the team and for your child to meet some of the other children.
  • Children then settle in, with staggered start dates, to give each child the focus they need.
  • Finally, each child is given a dedicated key person to support them.

Fees and Charges (UPDATED MARCH 2022)

The current fees are:

£20.10 per session

£24.10 – Woodland Warriors Thursday afternoon session

In addition to the hourly fee there is a sundry payment of 0.25p per session.

Fees are payable in advance and will be invoiced to you via email from our accounts administrator. A £50 non-refundable registration fee is requested with your application forms to secure your child’s place.

Please note that fees cannot be refunded for days taken off for holidays, sickness etc. 

Four weeks paid notice must be given in writing should you wish to no longer use the services of the playgroup.

If you wish to pay your fees via Childcare vouchers, please let Hayley/Anna know via the accounts email (

Please note that late payment of fees will be subject to additional late fee charges.

Invoices for funded places will detail the sessions and hours claimed and any optional additional hours which may be payable. 

Confirmation of session fees will be given with your offer letter.  We do not offer discounts for siblings.

If parents access hours above the free entitlement they will be charged per hour at a rate set by the committee.  Parents will be notified of the charge when the child’s hours are confirmed.

Free early education and childcare

In England some 2 year olds and all 3 and 4 year olds are eligible for 15 hours free early education and childcare.  In addition some 3 and 4 year olds are eligible for up to an additional 15 hours. This is for 38 weeks a year but may be stretched to enable you to claim less hours over more weeks.

The date in which your child can start claiming 15 hours of free childcare depends on when their birthday is:

Child’s BirthdayWhen you can start claiming
1 January to 31 MarchSummer Term (from 1 April)
1 April to 31 AugustAutumn Term (From 1 September)
1 SeptemberSpring Term (From 1 January )

Funded places are available through a range of providers including Childminders, Pre-schools, Day Nurseries, Maintained Nurseries and Schools with nursery classes or earlier years provision who are approved by Buckinghamshire County Council to deliver funded places.

Find more information about participating providers in your area.

What is 2 year old funding?

Based on a range of criteria the funding gives your child up to 15 hours a week of learning opportunities in a play based, safe and nurturing environment. This gives your child the chance to mix with other children and perhaps try out activities which may not be possible at home. It also gives you, the parent, 15 hours a weeks to  study, return to or look for work.

Find more information about 2 year old funding

Check your eligibility

What is 3 and 4  year old funding?

Universal 3 and 4 year old funding

Every child that is 3 or 4 years old is automatically entitled to 15 hours of free childcare  the term after their 3rd birthday. As for 2 year old funding, this can only be accessed at approved childcare providers.

Extended 3 and 4 year old funding

The additional 15 hours funding is also known as the ’30 hours free childcare’. This is an extension of the 3 and 4 year old funding, but unlike the universal entitlement you must match the eligibility criteria.  If you are found to be eligible you will be given a validity code to enable to claim up to an additional 15 hours from a Buckinghamshire County Council approved provider.

Check if you are eligible for the additional 15 hours funding at 3 and 4 years old.


Deposits / Registration Fees

We charge a registration fee of £50 payable once you have been offered a space (correct as of Feb 2020) .  Parents who are receiving 2 year old funding are able to claim this back if required.

Lunches / Snacks

Lunch club is delivered as part of the learning experience and therefore it can be included in a child’s free 15 hours entitlement.  No compulsory fees will be charged for food at lunch time.  Parents are expected to provide a lunch (including a drink) for their child.

You will need to contribute to the drink and snack that your child is offered during each session.  If your child requires particular food or drink which we do not routinely stock, you may be asked to supply this yourself.


Parents have the option to purchase Pre-school uniform for their child; this consists of t-shirts and sweat shirts.  Uniform is not compulsory. Second hand uniform is often available for a small voluntary donation.

T-shirt £7

Sweatshirts £12


Voluntary donations are requested for sundries which are not covered by your funding.  Parents are expected to provide their own nappies, wipes, suncream etc.  Items such as soap, hand towels etc are included in your free entitlement.

Holiday and Sickness

You must still pay fees even if your child does not attend on a particular session (e.g. family holiday; child sickness).  This is because their space is still kept for them and we still have to pay staff wages and other costs.

Bank Holidays and Inset Days

There is not a compulsory charge for sessions if the Pre-school is closed for a public holiday.  You will not be charged for sessions on a planned Inset Day (staff training or preparation).

Price Increases

Our fees are reviewed by the committee every spring.  It is likely that they will increase by a small amount each year and this increase will come into force each April.  Fees will not normally increase at any other time of the year.  If we have to increase fees during the year for reasons beyond our control, parents will always be given 28 days advance notice of this.


Parents will receive an invoice from us before the beginning of each half-term period.  A half-term period is usually between five and seven weeks.  The invoice will show clearly what the charges are in relation to.  Fees are payable in advance and are due before the first day of the period they relate to (the first day of each half term). Please pay via internet banking or through employer childcare voucher systems (please ask for details).

Payment Difficulties

If you are experiencing financial difficulties then you must speak to Becky as soon as you can. We may be able to arrange for you to pay in installments.  There are sometimes additional ways that we can help you.  Speak to the Pre-school Manager and bring details and proof of your current financial situation.


For further enquiries please email

To book a visit or speak to our manager Tania please email

Or call the playgroup 07960278409

For funding or payment enquiries please email