All children who attend Playgroup have the opportunity to attend regular sessions in the woods, we alternate each week to go on a different morning. The children arrive dressed appropriately for the weather, there is a head count and then they are free to go across the field to our first meeting point on route to the woods, at our first meeting point Sammy Squirrel goes over the 3 rules of Woodland Warriors.

  1. No pick – no picking any plants, leaves off trees, children can collect resources off the floor.
  2. No lick – there is access to hand washing, so children aren’t allowed to put their hands or fingers in their mouths
  3. STOP – stopping immediately if they are told

Our second meeting place is at the entrance to woods, here the children are reminded about the boundary and our stop signs indicating how far the children can go. As a group we then make our way to base camp.

Base camp is where the children gather at the start and the end of the sessions. Base camp is also where the children will enjoy a healthy snack. Sessions are child initiated we supply resources like bug kits, paint brushes and buckets, tree and plant identification cards and den making equipment.